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Hello, my name is Josiah,

I am a bisexual INTP who loves books, movies and music.

I like to think of myself as kind of quirky and quite the fanatic of all the things I love. My dream is to one day be a video game designer and work for the wonderful company Valve

I am also the luckiest guy in the world because this beutiful creature is my boyfriend. Feel free to go follow him and witness how adorable he is for yourself.



Join the #BiVisibilityDay Twitter thunderclap on Sept. 23rd to help spread bisexual awareness!

Wanna learn more about what you can do for #BiVisibilityDay? Check out!

Can it be the 22? that’s my birthday!

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R a v e n c l a w  E l s a

re-reblogging for the Q U A L I T Y

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These are not mine but I wanted to bring them together!

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sure minecraftia is a totalitarian government but who is a better president than xephos……… rythian?? ridge? stRIFE??? all candidates are terrible and this place is hell

Zoey Proasheck 4 President, 2014

Because literally everyone else is too evil

she’s a pawn for the mushroom party though

My vote goes to Sips, his presidential campaign was by far the best.


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